Rogue - EP


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hanselretro It has an amazing 80's vibe! plus it's very motivational! Favorite track: Rogue.
SokK thumbnail
SokK Awesome album with an awesome cover. Paradise Walk catches the 80's slow and sensual groove and it really rocks. If you like The Midnight, this album probably won't disappoint you. There's also a hint of GUNSHIP in the vocals (it really shows on After Dark). Favorite track: Stranger.
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slamraptor Rogue is on repeat right now. Pure awesomeness pressed into an audio file. Favorite track: Rogue.
Char Aznable
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Char Aznable This quintessential, rich sounding album that puts the “synthwave doesn’t go with vocals” argument to rest once in for all. Favorite track: Stranger.
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Paradise Walk are proud to present the 6 song feature "Rogue" get your copy now!


released March 13, 2017

Original music composed, recorded and performed by Paradise Walk
Additional Saxophone on "After Dark" by Thomas Edinger
Additional Vocal on "Machines" by Morgan Willis
Artwork by March Of Venus



all rights reserved



Christian Ferriday - Guitars / Vocals
Lee Fifield - Keyboards / Vocals

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Track Name: Rogue
You don't know, you don't know my name,
I am a Rogue, I am the fear that lies in your heart,
you just keep on running faster, running through the night,
but you're out of time.
if you can't believe what you see,
then believe me when I say there's no turning back,
believe me when I say there's no turning back.

I'll never let you win,
but now it's too late to turn around,
something has changed in me,
I am the darkness in the light.
I will trade your blood,
I will trade your blood for salt water,
and watch you sink to the bottom of the sea.

You are the prey, I am the hunter,
I am a Rogue, I am the horror that will tear you apart,
you just keep on reaching out, reaching through the dark,
but there's nothing to find,
we will have vengeance tonight.

We will have vengeance tonight.
Track Name: Stranger
Under the cover of love,
in the darkest shadows of our hearts,
there was a fire that burned like a star,
and now my heart is a stranger,
and now my heart is a stranger.

I can see that look in your eyes,
there is a fear that this could be real,
I still taste the serpents kiss,
when you're close, you're close to me.

And your ghost, are calling you out
and your ghost, they're calling you out.


Can stand to look in a mirror?
Can you face what's there staring back?
Or is there a fear that this is all real?
Will you step up and face your past?

I think it's time we admit who we are.

Track Name: Fracture
We said goodbye to the summer nights,
the soft sand is getting colder, colder,
I wish you'd stay just a little while,
For we both know that it's over, over.

I left my heart for the taking,
hoping you'd answer the call,
You're not as sweet as you tasted,
the fracture in my heart is just a game to you.

Got nothing left for you, baby, (nothing, nothing)
no you don't feel the same.
Got nothing for you, baby, (nothing, nothing)
no you won't ever change.

I found you don win by the shoreline,
you put your head on my shoulder, shoulder,
I didn't know if I wash doing right,
but I still pulled you in closer

I left my heart for the taking,
hoping you'd answer the call,
You're not as sweet as you tasted,
the fracture in my heart is just a game to you.

Track Name: Fallen Lovers
Gone are the days we used to run into the night,
oh what I'd give to do it one last time.
Against the odds with you by my side,
I felt so alive, I felt so alive, I felt so alive.

Do we leave it behind, do we just walk away?
Drawing lines in the sand that we'd crossed anyway.
Are looking for something more?
One careless kiss, two fallen lovers,
Behind these eyes it all leads to you.

Now you've turned your back on all of us,
everything we had has turned to dust.
These fracture minds and countless lies,
Will be the end of us, will be the end of us, will be the end of us.


Now that you've gone, I'm going to take what is left,
and now that you've gone, I'm going to walk to the edge.

One careless kiss, two fallen lovers.

Track Name: After Dark
Where do you run to when you feel it's too much, where do you hide?
Where do run to when you've heard every lie that can be told?

Do you stand on your own feet and let it just work itself out?
Or do you follow your heartbeat 'cos you think you may have found a way out?

There's nowhere left to hide,
We're coming for you,
We can stand and fight,
We can be, we can be like they are.
We're tearing up the script, we'll take it from here,
With our eyes wide shut we'll take it all.

Where will we find you when you can't stand the heat?
Under a night sky in a city that won't give up its grasp?
Do you follow your own dreams 'Cos I just want to make it up to you?
So will you listen to my voice 'Cos I just want you to know the truth, tonight?


We'll take it all.

Where do you run to when the city falls asleep?
Track Name: Machines
The darkness takes a hold, another city will fall.
It'll take what's left of us before it tears down the walls.
We stand toe to toe without a second thought,
we're ready to fight, for that's all that we've got.
With all the blood that's been shed, amongst the sands of time,
how do we make it right, how do we make it right?

I will face the horror so that you can turn away, turn away.
So if I carry or am carried upon my shield,
I'm still between the Devil and the deep blue sea.

I am not alone, I stand here with my brothers, with a will of steel.
But our hands they still tremble because,
a man's home is not here, through the smoke and mirrors,
we are men not machines, but we are just another piece.

I am cold, and I fear tonight,
We won't get a second chance.